If you have not tried the luxurious experience that is Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop (or server version) on VMware Fusion you are missing out! If you are a Linux die-hard or just getting started, this is a great way to get your required dose.


VMware Fusion

If you do not have VMware Fusion download it and install using the defaults. It comes as a 30 day trial; If you are a technologist this is a must-have.


I use VMware Fusion Pro, but the regular version is fine.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Desktop)

The guest operating system we will install is the flagship desktop release from canonical, Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop . It is very well done and is the reason for this post. You will see the attention that went into the graphics and textures right away. Everything is simple and beautiful (installer, desktop, shutdown and reboot sequences, etc.)

If you need a boost of motivation, remember that you can run PowerShell and PowerCLI on this! Ubuntu is one of the most mature operating systems handling PowerShell 6.0.1. Preview 3 perfectly!


Fire up VMware Fusion and click the plus sign (+) to create a new virtual machine and then drag and drop the ISO. That's it!



Before powering on, always take a moment to review the hardware and sharing choices.


You can make the virtual machine lightweight by removing the Camera, floppy, etc. Optionally, set the CPU count and Memory amount, or take the defaults that Fusion gives you.

Power On

Press the play button to power on the virtual machine. Enjoy the pretty installer; Then login and enjoy!

Note: If you prefer Ubuntu Server, you can get that at https://www.ubuntu.com/download/server

Desktop Experience

The following shows some desktop wallpapers that come with Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop.




In this article we got you up and running with VMware Fusion to run virtual machines on a standard Apple device running macOS. We then installed an example virtual machine running Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop.