This is a quick post to show the new way to launch PowerShell 6.0.1 preview 3 for the latest releases on Linux and macOS. Formerly, we could launch preview releases with pwsh, but now that is reserved only for stable releases. Going forward, we should use pwsh-preview to launch preview versions of PowerShell Core.

From the release notes...


We assume you have PowerShell 6.0.1 Core preview 3 installed already.

Launching Preview: Old Technique


Nothing has changed for stable releases (still use pwsh). Only preview releases have a new design.

Launching Preview: New Technique


Example - Ubuntu 18.04


Ignore the generated advice about using snap for powershell. The fix is to use pwsh-preview as shown.

Stable releases of PowerShell Core are still launched with pwsh, while preview versions should be launched with pwsh-preview. The change is expected to be in future Windows versions in some form. For now, the change is in Linux and MacOS only.

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