If you spin up a bunch of systems, one thing  that gets old pretty quickly is setting your PowerCLI options.

You could just chain all of the options together in a one-liner (i.e. no need to do them one at a time). Today, we will use PowerShell splatting to tell PowerCLI how we want things.

Save a variable

Paste this into PowerShell:

$sParam = @{
    DefaultVIServerMode           = 'Single'
    ProxyPolicy                   = 'NoProxy'
    ParticipateInCEIP             =  $false
    CEIPDataTransferProxyPolicy   = 'NoProxy'
    DisplayDeprecationWarnings    = $false
    InvalidCertificateAction      = 'Ignore'
    WebOperationTimeoutSeconds    = 600
    VMConsoleWindowBrowser        = ''
    Scope                         = 'User'
    Confirm                       = $false

And then to use it

Set-PowerCLIConfiguration @sparam
Notice the @ symbol which is used instead of $. To learn more, see help about_Splatting from PowerShell.

Review Your Settings

Get-PowerCLIConfiguration -Scope User | fl *


This was a quick config setup for PowerCLI. Enjoy!